dsc-0167.jpg247Propane.com is your online source for products that utilize propane gas products such as Bayou classic, and other top brands.Bayou Classic Propane Burner Parts include miscellaneous propane burner fittings, propane hoses, and propane regulator kits. Find the propane parts you need to fix your current propane burner instead of buying a new unit.

All Bayou Classic propane hoses are UL Listed. Choose from a 6 foot propane hose, 8 foot propane hose and 10 foot propane hose. Each propane hose has brass fitting at both ends. Purchase a propane orifice (available for purchase separately) and these hoses will fit directly into your propane cast iron burner. They will also fit our propane regulators.

Bayou Classic’s propane regulator kits include a 10 PSI propane regulator kit, 20 PSI propane regulator kit, 15 PSI propane regulator kit and a few more. These regulator kits do have different sized fittings and a propane orifice may need to be purchased to convert the regulator kit to fit your burner.
The Bayou Classic Propane Regulators include a 10 PSI regulator kit and 0 - 30 PSI adjustable regulator kit. These propane regulators are perfect for those people who are designing a propane burner

Choose from three styles of bayou classic propane cast iron burners including the cast iron fry burner, cast iron high pressure burner and cast iron banjo burner.

The Bayou Classic Miscellaneous Propane Burner Parts include parts for your cast iron propane burner and accessories for those hard headed Cajuns who want to build their own unit. These Miscellaneous Propane Burner Parts include the air shutters and springs, propane gas orifices, control valves and needle valves.

Try it once and you’ll never run out of propane again. We sell fully inspected, tested, precision-filled 20-, 30- and 40-pound propane tanks that are perfect for gas grills, patio heaters and insect control devices. 

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